Steps to rent a Year Round Rental

Think about it in 3's...

  1. Fill out our application
  2. Provide your credit score
  3. Provide your income 

Once we have these items, we can start helping you find a year round rental. 

Once we've found your new home think about it in 3's again.

  1. First
  2. Last
  3. Security

Upon signing the lease, the above deposits will be required.

Lease documents Required:

  • Fully executed lease
  • First and last months rent receipt
  • Bank holding the security receipt
  • W9 
  • Property condition statement
  • Copies of your checks

All of these documents will be printed out and provided to you for your records.
These documents can be signed electronically for your convenience.

The Keys will be provided to you on the day you move into your new rental property.

We are always available during your rental for any questions that may come up.